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This page has been created as a helpful guide to teachers wishing to use internet resources in the classroom. Topics have been catagorised to make searching for information easier. As my class has studied different units I have bookmarked useful sites and have placed these under various headings in the SOSE category. I teach Grades 5 and 6 so most of the topics that have been bookmarked suit that area. However there are plenty of other links for teachers of other age groups to explore. The Kids sites are there for children to explore or play on line games. Denise's integrated units are units of work I have taught incorporating the Australian National Curriculum Profiles. This area includes a Planning Guide and a Teaching and Learning Proforma  to show the path I took in teaching the unit. This page will be continually updated. If you find incorrect or changed links please e-mail me so that I can update my page.

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C l a s s r o o m    I d e a s

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DENISE'S INTEGRATED UNITS Included here are some units of work I have taught within the last few years which I have found to be very successful. I have included the National Statements and Profiles in my planning.

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CHILDREN'S ART GALLERY This section contains samples of art work completed by children I have taught.

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ABOUT ME Here you will find out how to contact me.

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AUSTRALIAN TOPICS These units are based on events in Australia's history or geography themes.

L i n k s

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LESSON PLANS Here I have included some lesson plans which could prove useful. They have been grouped as general and also under the learning areas.

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EDUCATIONAL SITES Numerous sites that could prove useful when searching for information. Again grouped under general and the learning areas. Many sites subdivided under topicsto make searching easier.

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SEARCH ENGINES The most useful I have found. These have been grouped under Australian and general search engines.

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KIDS This site includes sites for children to explore, including  some with educational value and games for them to play.

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