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Teaching and Learning Proforma -

(Big idea - To explore the impact of goldmining on Australia's environment.)

Intended Outcomes:

Children will -

Engaging students:

Discuss what children know about the importance of gold in the world over the centuries.

What is known about gold? eg the purity is measured in carets; it will not stain or lose its colour, even in fire; when gold is scratched it leaves a colour the same as gold; it is soft; it is sometimes mixed with copper and silver to make alloys.

An excursion to the Beaconsfield Gold Mine will be incorporated into this unit.

List words relevant to the topic 'gold'. Words can be added to this list throughout the unit. Discuss the meanings of the words.

Books will be set up to create an 'interest centre'.

In groups record facts they already know about gold and questions they would like answered. Discuss these as a class. Add these facts to the 'interest centre'. Add new facts as they arise.

Refining (students’ questions, ideas and teacher’s intentions):

Early discoveries - The first goldmine was opened in about 1500 BC by an Egyptian Pharaoh.
Romans first to mine.
Modern era of gold rushes began in America in 1849, then spread to Australia and South Africa.


Read 'The Golden Years', In the Past, p 82 -83. Children answer questions on Response Sheet 14.

Children to discover more about life in Australia after the first finding of gold.
Various art, mapping cloze, comprehension, and other English activities will be utilised.
(Each child will have a booklet to work through.)
Topics to research include:

Discovering Australian History is a useful resource full of activities for the above topics.

'At Mt Alexander', In the Past, p 84 88 read to the class. Pause to discuss certain aspects. Children complete the cloze sheet on Response Sheet 15. Discuss the construction of a class mural based on pictures in the book.

In a class group, read and discuss the text 'People at the Diggings', In the Past, p 89 - 90.

'The Chinese Camels', In the Past, p 91 -94 read. This passage has examples of metaphor, simile, personification, descriptive comparison and descriptive words. also, features of punctuation - commas, colons, semicolons, exclamation marks and hyphenated words - add to the overall effect of the passage. Children complete response sheet 16.

'Law and Order on the Goldfields', In the Past, p 95 -102 read and discussed. In groups identify major components in the article. Display created 'wall stories' or comic strips that illustrate and describe the events portrayed in the article  on the classroom wall.

Using resource sheet 11 children recount events in 'Law and Order on the Goldfields'.

Read 'The Roaring Days' by Henry Lawson to the class. Discuss the poem.
Give groups of four each a copy to cut up into four verses and ask them to negotiate who will have which verse.
Ask each group member to:

Reflecting on what we have learnt

Children will revise the unit by completing the In the Past crossword on response sheet 17.

Discuss with children the impact the discovery of gold had on Australia.

Teaching Resources:

Brown, Doug  & Monoghan, Bob Comprehension 6   Longman Cheshire Pty Limited  Melbourne  1994

Brown, Doug  & Monoghan, Bob Grammar 6   Longman Cheshire Pty Limited  Melbourne  1995

Eshuys  Guest  Phelan  Discovering Australian History  Macmillan Education Australia Pty Ltd  South Melbourne   1996

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Ashton Scholastic Senior Topics - Gold

Videos -
    Australian Goldrushes Yrs 4 - 6
    Sovereign Hill: a story of Gold

Educational Kits -
    Gold Rushes of the 1850s

Internet resources -
    The Goldfields Internet Project http://www.ballarat.edu.au/external/sovhill/eureka.htm
    Creating a Goldfields Slide Show http://www.serct.schnet.edu.au/capc.sose/popwell.htm
    Australian Mining History http://www.ballarat.edu.au/external/bgold/minehist.htm

    Gold 150 http://www.ballarat.edu.au/krause/external/sovhill/gold150/sovhill.htm
    Ballarat Mining History http://goldfields.ballarat.net.au/history.html
    The Goldfields Towns and Attractions http://www.atn.com.au/vic/west/towns-c.htm

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